About Noel - Noel Rawson Photography

Although a Texas native, I am proud to call the Atlanta area home since 1990 .

I realized my passion for photography while photographing live music in Austin during the early 70's. The "good old days" meant venues were intimate, small and cheap. From Stevie Ray Vaughn, Muddy Waters and Genesis (when Phil Collins was the drummer)  I was there with them all. Cute, smart, young, girl handy with a camera and the gift to gab got me everywhere. Baby I'm in! lol

For the past 30 years, I have been fortunate enough to have made photography a full time passion. If you are in search of a photographer that is a drip, has no sense of humor and takes themselves too seriously keep looking because I'm not for you. I am passionate about my work and have a ball producing it. 

I'm often asked to describe my style of photography and I'm never sure how to answer? I simply "see" a particular subject and rely on my education and experience to create the image(s) for my client. From commercial to family portraiture, each session delivers high quality images for my client's enjoyment.

Thank you for visiting my Website.

"life rocks" 

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