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Please Do Not Allow Your Album To Expire

All Password Protected Albums Will Be Posted And Available For 7 Days After Receiving Your Texted Password. If You Allow Your Album To Expire, The Re-Posting Moron Fee Is $25.00 Plus Tax For An Additional 7 Day Post. No Exceptions.

After 30 Days All Images Are Deleted From My Computer. If You Order Through My Website, You will Have Two Weeks To Follow Through With The Download Process Or The Images Will No Longer Be Available For My Website Host. Download Your Order As Soon As You Receive Your Download Link Please. 

Below is a list of user friendly, suggestions, guidelines and procedures. If you follow them, the entire process will run smoothly. If you do not, don't blame me for the bumps in the road. "Read This First" was written for a reason and remember, ONLY REACH OUT TO ME USING YOUR CELL PHONE.

Option #1 Basic Portrait Package

This package is for ALL PROMOS,  SPECIAL OFFERS and or EMAIL BLASTS. It must be used by the expiration date. If for some reason you can't get it together within the 6 months given to book, I will indeed honor the one hour session but you will order  OPTION #2 only. No exceptions. 

This is a 1 hour outdoor portrait session that includes your choice of 3, 5x7's and 1, 8x10 .jpeg Images for a total of 4 .jpeg Images that will be emailed to you. Re-print rights are included, not copyrights. My name is on all 4 images. You may also order a la cart keepsakes, prints and .jpeg negatives with a minimum purchase of 100.00 and you will receive your 4 free images after your purchase via my website.

To order the 4 free images simply email noelrawson@yahoo.com  with the longer of the 2  numbers on the bottom left of each image. Indicate the 8x10. I will email your 4 freebies when your album expires and or after your minimum purchase of 100.00 via my website.

The session may include up to 6 people. Additional people are $10.00 per head including pets. I will text you the day prior to your portrait session to confirm the weather. If the weather poses an issue,  we reschedule. 

If for any reason you cancel giving me less than 48 hours notice you may reschedule but you will not be offered 4 free images. You will automatically become Option #2.

Option #2 Preferred Portrait Package

This Option does not include 4 Free .jpeg images. You have access to the entire website "Store" with 3 departments that are ordered through my website. 

1. Prints: You select any size(s)  the type paper and finish. Framing and stretch canvas prints are offered.

2. Merchandise: Photo mugs, cards, nick-nacks..... 

3. Downloads: This is the sweet part. You may select as many Full Size Digital Download .jpeg images as you like for only $15.99 per image, plus tax.  Re-print rights included and will print as many times as you like from wallets up to 36x48 inches.  All this is ordered through my website under Digital Downloads.  Click the "Buy This Photo" button on each image. They will go into your cart and the order will be filled by my website host, SmugMug.They will provide you with a download link.

This session may include up to 6 people. Additional people are 10.00 per head including pets. I will text you the day prior to your portrait session to confirm weather. If we are rained out, we reschedule.

Discount Packages Offered Through Me Only, Not Through My Website

If interested in purchasing the entire album containing all Full Size Digital . jpeg Images mailed to on a CD, a discount of 70% is offered and your next family session will not have the up front fee. WinWin!

For a discounted passage, text me saying you want the entire album.  Give me your email address. I will send a Paypal invoice including tax and postage, place the .jpeg  images on a CD and mail it to your Paypal provided address. 

If you care to see what your other options are for ordering prints, canvas prints, framing, etc...Click on any one of my images in my Portfolio and hit the "BUY" button. Nothing will be snatched out of your wallet it simply opens the store. 

Retouching: Lake buoy's and boats from the 2 Mile Creek location will be removed from a background as a no brainer but you need to let me know what images need retouching prior to placing your order through my website or you will get the image shown in your album   for any other personal retouching issue, notify me prior to placing your order, otherwise  it's too late to make the corrections once you place that order. Call, email or text to discuss issue and cost. The last 2 images in my "Portfolio" will show you what I'm not a fan of, retouching to look like you've had a facelift!

Printing: If you purchase the Full Size Digital .jpeg Images off my website and want to print them, my website is where you want to go.The corner drugstore is hit or miss in the color department, too yellow, too blue, and their paper is of poor quality.

Get Mapquest Directions, ETA & Arrive On Time. Arrive 5 minutes early! If you have lived in the Atlanta area for more than 3 days, you know there is always a turnip truck in front of you. Your session is for one hour. Being 5 minutes early gives you a chance to get out of your car and actually be ready to roll on time. Most clients are late and it cuts into their hour session. What a waste.

1.  2 Mile Creek Park at Lake Lanier:   9150 Bethel Road Gainesville, Ga 30506 Bethel Road will dead end in 4 to 5 minutes and put you in front of a large brown sign  reading "2 Mile Creek". Drive thru the only entrance and park on the immediate right. Do not cruise the park. We start taking pictures at the entrance. I drive a white van. Please park behind me.

2.  Wills Park in Alpharetta:  11925 Wills Road Alpharetta, Ga 30009 Enter from Wills Road.

3.  Lovely Old Barn: We meet at the entrance of 2 Mile Creek and you will follow me for 5 minutes to the private barn.

4. Midtown: City look. 760 10th Street, NW Atlanta, Ga 30138 Availability Limited. Check first.

5. Winn Park in Midtown. 32 Lafayette Dr. N.E. Atlanta, Ga 30309

Let children be children:

Capturing children as they are reflects the child, not a pose. Dressing children in clothing and telling them not to get dirty ruins the entire experience. Clothing can be washed. Moments can not be relived. First time parents are generally the most up tight about getting dirty. lol

Suggestions: What to wear, what NOT to wear.

1. Sneakers,Tire Tread Shoes and White Socks will kill your pictures. Wear black or brown shoes (loafers) with dark socks or no socks at all. Don't dare wear High Heels. We are walking quickly to cover a variety of locations, heels waste half of your session's time. Boots with thick heels are fine.

2. Too much jewelry (all watches) will junk up your pictures unless you want the Anthropology or Free People look. In that case, load up!

3. Select colors and tones that relate to your home's decor. A country French den looks terrible with a photo full of sailors or cowboys right! ahahahaha

4. Solids work well and a little pattern goes a long way. Don't look like a character out of Caddyshack!

5. Babies don't have much of a neck so select clothing that fits and doesn't bunch up under their chin. Little girls will need to keep their knees together in a dress. Dress children so they can act like "children". Avoid clothing issues that will be troublesome time and time again. Time spent fidgeting over clothing  annoys children and they hit the wall sooner.

6. Women look hot in full length dark skirts. Easy on the cleavage unless you are a stripper. Men and boys need to wear a soft or button down collared shirt.  T-shirts are fine if you're going for that slouchy look. 

Warm weather clothing: Shorts, sundresses, light wraps, sandal or bare feet.

Chilly weather clothing: Wear layers. sweaters, light weight jackets, vests, wraps, scarves and texture. A pattern collar or turtleneck under a solid V-neck sweater looks great.

Personal Thoughts:

1. If it looks bad cover it up. If it looks good show it off.

2. Bring a clean snack (Cheerios not Cheetos) and a drink that doesn't leave an orange clown mouth for the kids. Try not to blame their behavior on "they're hungry" or "just woke up". Kids hit the wall fast so we need start off on the right foot. Think ahead and plan for your session. You aren't going to J.C. Penny's. This is good stuff. Enjoy it!  

3. All moneys are taxed, sorry. 

Trouble Shooting: If you have any trouble accessing  your album with your  private password and you are using an older PC, try Chrome or Firefox as your browser. Some computers can't keep up with current Internet sites. Some IPads/Phones can not access all website, it totally depends on their up to date capability. Apples are great!

Other Locations: If you are interested in selecting your own location, my fee is $150.00 to travel within 30 miles from area code 30506 and will vary if distance is further than 30 miles. $100.00 for first hour behind the camera and 50.00 per additional hours.  $150.00 (location travel fee) is paid via Paypal when your appointment is made and $100.00 is due upon my arrival. No refund will be given for cancelations. If you come to me the sitting fee is $150.00 for a 1 hour session. You will have a password secured album to review for 7  days within 7 days of your session.

Outdoor Weddings: Always ready for that special occasion!  The more fun you have the less I charge! Weddings come in two categories; Fun and Typical Boring. I only do the fun (outdoor) ones thank you very much.  The "Other Locations" and 'Pricing" includes the information.

Don't hesitate to contact me for any of your photographic needs and don't be scared to poke around my website. Nothing you do is going to snatch money out of your back pocket until you actually order and enter a credit card number. Look around, enjoy the adventure.

FYI... Schedule your appointment asap. Don't wait thinking I will be available at the drop of a hat. It's first come first serve and I stay pretty darn busy receiving a dozen calls a day. I am fortunate.

Thank you for taking the time to review "Read This First"

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